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After Hours

Outside our normal hours, our phones are diverted to the after-hours service, Hello Home Doctor, a fully accredited deputising service. Alternatively, our patients can phone the service directly on 134 100.

Walk in Appointments

We normally require people to make a booking but we can sometimes help if you walk into the medical centre. Priority is given to people who have made a booking.

Receiving and returning phone calls and electronic communications

All urgent phone communications are given to the practices’ Registered Nurses on duty to triage and follow up with the Medical Practitioner concerned. All non-urgent patient communication with our Practitioners is passed on by our reception team. All correspondence is triaged to ensure the information is given to the appropriate staff member or Independent Medical Practitioner in a timely manner.

General Health

Family Planning

Mental Health

Chronic Disease Management

Women & Men’s Health

Aviation Medicals

Skin cancer checks


It is advisable to make an appointment; however, we do our best to assist all walk-in patients within a reasonable time.  Standard appointments are 15mins, if you require a long appointment please request an appointment of 30mins. Emergencies and booked appointments have priority. Please be advised that fees may apply if appointments are missed without prior cancellation.
Online appointments are also available on our website or through the HotDoc app. HotDoc is available for download via Google Play and the Apple App store.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Patients

To help ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people receive primary health care matched to their needs our doctors can assist with early detection, diagnosis and treatment for common conditions.
There are 3 health assessments available to different age groups to assist in their physical, psychological and social well being. Health Assessments are available to children under 15 years old, adults between 15 and 55 years old and patients aged 55 years and older.

Once a health assessment has been completed, patients are eligible for further support and treatment from practice nurses or allied health services.

The closing the gap program is available to patients who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander living with, or at risk of, chronic disease. Once enrolled in the program, eligible patients will benefit from lower or no costs when purchasing PBS medications.

Book an appointment today with one of our doctors to find out how we can assist your healthcare needs

Antenatal & Maternity Shared Care

Are you expecting a new arrival soon?

Book an appointment today with one of our doctors. We can help organise health screening for you and your baby as well as organise your maternal care at either a public hospital or a private obstetrician.  There are many aspects of ante-natal care and our doctors can help you through all stages and symptoms of your pregnancy.

Cosmetic Injectables

Anti-wrinkle injections can be used on frowns, crows feet and forehead lines.  They can also strategically relax targeted muscles to slim the jawline and create an eyebrow lift.

Not only do anti-wrinkle injections address existing wrinkles they can help prevent new wrinkles developing.


A sickness certificate can only be issued following a consultation with your doctor.

Iron infusions

Please call our friendly reception staff to organise an initial consult with one of our Doctors to assess your suitability for an iron infusion

Insurance/ Employment/ Examinations/ Commercial Licenses

When you request an appointment at the clinic for insurance/employment examinations please request a double appointment.  Please remember to fill out your part of the form and bring it along with you to the consultation along with a urine sample where possible.

Repeat Prescriptions, Referrals and Test Results

It is the policy of this clinic that all prescriptions, referrals or test results require an appointment. In some circumstances a script/referral may be written incurring a fee of $20..
In the event your result is urgent or you require any type of follow up, our Practice nurses will be in contact with you either via telephone or SMS.

Telephoning Your Doctor

The doctors will not receive telephone calls while seeing other patients as this call will be interrupting someone else’s consultation with the doctor, however, they will return your call. It would be preferable for you to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your issues or needs.  This gives the doctor the opportunity to concentrate on you exclusively.  So, if they are seeing patients when you phone, they may need to return your call as soon as possible throughout the day.  The reception staff may recommend to speak with a practice nurse whilst you wait for your doctor in the meantime.

Electronic Communication
You may email the clinic for general enquiries. Our emails are dealt with in a 24-hour time period during surgery hours. In certain circumstances we may communicate via email with you. In exchanging your information, you acknowledge that email is not recognised as a secure method of communication and we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of your information.

Managing Patient Health Information
Why do we collect, use, hold, store & share your personal information?
Our practice will need to collect your personal information to provide healthcare services to you. Our main purpose for collecting, using, holding and sharing your personal information is to manage your health. We also use it for directly related business activities, such as financial claims and payments, practice audits and accreditation, and business processes (e.g., staff training).
Your personal information may be stored at our practice in various forms.
These include electronic records; paper records (incoming or outgoing mail) including specialist letters and referrals; visual records (X-Rays, CT Scans etc.).
Our practice stores all personal information securely.
We securely store and protect your personal information by electronic format and in protected information systems. We use passwords, secure cabinets and draws to keep your information safe.

All staff and contractors are bound by confidentiality agreements.

In Case Of Emergency

If you require urgent medical attention, please dial 000 (Zero) for assistance and ask for Ambulance.

If you are having any of the following, inform the receptionists without delay either in person or when phoning or presenting to the clinic:

  • Chest Pain
  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Bleeding
  • Convulsions
  • Vomiting